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The Hokey Yogi: How Fitness Instructors Pummel Plain Language

Full disclosure: I taught aerobics classes for 12 years. I was that obnoxious twenty-something at the front of the aerobics room jumping up and down in a leotard, tights, and legwarmers (it was the 80s) trying to convince you that exercise was the most fun any one person could ever have, EVER. I even majored in exercise science in college. These days, I work out to exercise DVDs at home. Naturally, I judge the instructors on the DVDs not only on what type of workout I get, but also by their cuing and choreography–the things that mattered to instructors like me back in the day. But now, as a writer, …

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Happy New Year!

Any resolutions? How about, To write more plainly? I can help. This year at Write2Help I’ll cover more plain-language techniques. I’ll teach you how to edit your writing in favor of the plain. And I’ll explain how plain language is the root of all technical writing–you were hoping I’d say “evil,” weren’t you?–no matter the delivery method or medium. For now, though, I’m entertaining my darling mother for the week and drafting a proposal for a freelance client. Oh, and I’m reading a book I can highly recommend: The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap, by Wendy Welch, a treat for bibliophiles everywhere. See you later this month!

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