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The STC and the Plain Regulations Act

Curious about technical communication and the Plain laws? Read my post about how technical communicators can support the Plain Regulations Act of 2013 on the STC’s blogĀ  at

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Thinking about Writing: It’s Contextual

A confession: When I’m not writing, reading, loving on my pets, hanging out with my husband, exercising, or stitching, I’m watching HGTV. So I guess it’s no surprise that I’ve learned something about plain language from the network: the importance of context. The show: “Sarah’s House” The speaker: Interior designer Tommy (who’s adorable, by the way) The topic: The layout of a master bedroom under renovation The problem: Tommy said, “We deleted a closet [so we would have more room].” The word “deleted” in that context, the context of home remodeling, irked me. People don’t delete closets, I thought. They remove them, take them out. I know what you’re thinking: …

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